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Sell Your Airplane

We will immediately buy your airplane, or we will broker it.

We are cash buyers for most aircraft and helicopters.

Selling to us is quick, easy, and efficient.

Many people favor this method because it eliminates holding costs, market fluctuations, and the endless string of unqualified buyers that take up your time and resources, and allows your immediate redeployment of the capital tied up in the airplane.

We are experienced with special situations and complicated or distressed aircraft.

Payment and closing can be through your choice of recognized aviation title and escrows.

We will broker your aircraft:

Some of the top sales people in the United States hire us to sell their airplane….why? They realize their time is best spent doing what makes them money instead of endless phones calls and trips to the airport dealing with enthusiastic, but ultimately unqualified buyers.

Our sales team has personally closed over 3,000 airplane transactions.

We get it done for you!

How do we do it?


  • Correctly position your airplane to help it stand out as a best choice among buyers
  • Compare your airplane to competing airplanes and articulate how your airplane is one of the best offerings
  • Take trade-ins, and assist with a buyer’s specific needs to complete the transaction.
  • Monitor the pre-buy phase and can diplomatically differentiate with buyers between their “wishes” and the legitimate squawks, so that a productive sale can be reached
  • Know what is proper and what is over-reaching in a sales agreement to allow the buyer and seller to stay focussed on a transaction beneficial to all parties.
  • Assist with FAA documents, lien releases, International Registry issues, and oversee the completed closing, funds transfer, and recording of documents at the FAA.

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