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Hangar Sales & Leasing, FBO Re-development

Large Arizona Hangar for Lease:

Accommodates Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Lockheed C-130:

Steve Gage, Commercial & Aviation Properties, in association with TCT Real Estate, offers:
Well-planned Cargo Conversion facility or Specialty MRO:

45’ tail height, 144’ wingspan each bay (measurements +/-)
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport – 10,000’ runways, ARF-equipped)
Local pool of skilled aviation talent, Spare Parts, Maintenance.
Offered subject to availability and mutually signed tenancy agreement

Steve Gage * TCT Real Estate

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Leased, thank you.

Presently Full Now, off the market, thank you.

Hangars and airport property:

All Airport properties are offered by TCT Real Estate, Scottsdale, Arizona, where applicable.

New Gemini Air Group Hangar at Scottsdale Airport, 60,000 sf:

With our newest hangar lease for a Falcon 7X, and a Gulfstream G-100, Gemini Air Group was 100% leased in less than 12 months from opening date!

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Off the Market Presently

Available hanger and airport properties:

Large Arizona Flight Training Facility
w/ 104 Room On-Airport Dormitory:

No curfew, 8,500’ runway, outside Class B, metro Phoenix, Arizona. 15,000 sf Nice Hangar & Shop space. 6,500 sf Classrooms, 104 Room Dorms, shared Food service/Commissary, 2 pools, BBQ’s. All measurements approximate. This is a sublease of excess space in a Top-Tier facility and offered subject to prior commitment, withdrawal, full operational compatibility with existing user, and tenant creditworthiness.

Arizona FBO Hangar, Tower, and Shade Hangars For Lease:

10,000 square foot hangar and admin
12 large shade hangars included
Metro Phoenix area

Leased, thank you.